Commissioning original art is a rewarding experience - you are excited about what the outcome will be - the artist is excited by the challenge of creating what you want. This can only work if the artist can capture your vision.

I've thousands of images of cars and motoring scenes - a snapshot from you to highlight any unique extras and to clarify the colour is a great start - but I'll probably ask more questions than you will!

A snapshot of a local scene may do - or I can take my own references.

Remember, I can paint away the dents and rust spots in your favourite car - or transform your local scene into a romantic winter snow scene or an inspirational blossoming Spring.

Cars can be on their own, with a scene backdrop or in front of your house or racing around a track.

Once the subject matter and the price for your commission is agreed, I'll collect the reference material together and work up a pencil sketch. Over this I'll apply large basic colour washes - then I'll build up the detail with a combination of watercolour and gouache colour. Hard edges will then be drawn in to give shape and form. Finally highlights are added to give sparkle and depth. All my work is supplied on Rough Not Watercolour Art board.

Frame choice and mount colour is up to you - but contemporary square cut light ash frames with Old English mounts and clear glass work best.

I tend to work in mounted framable sizes of - 7"x5",10"x8", A4,15"x12",30x20cm,40x30cm,50x40cm though not much bigger.

Framed ready to hang Motoring or Local Art commissions start from £110

A deposit of 20% is required to cover frame and material costs - the balance due upon receipt of your painting.

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery of prints and up to 28 days for original artwork - this will be quoted at time of commission.